Xcel Energy gives $1,000 to Plainview Area Endowment

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Xcel Energy gives $1,000 to Plainview Area Endowment

August 1, 2015 News 0

The Xcel Energy Foundation has given $1,000 to Plainview Area Endowment, which will use future earnings from the gift to support grant awards to community organizations.

Friday’s grift from Xcel was a portion of $3,000 in current grants going to groups and organizations in area counties to help promote strong communities, according to John Tye, Plainview Area Foundation.

He notes that the philosophy of Xcel is to be a community partner with the Plainview Area Endowment to promote growth in the community making it a better place to learn, work and live.

The gift from Xcel, Tye explains, will help the Plainview Area Endowment to grow. Over time, Xcel’s gift and others like it will increase the value of the Endowment, which in turn will provide more earnings to support grants to organizations in the community.

This year, the Plainview Area Endowment will award $17,000 through its community grants program. The Endowment awards those funds to improve the quality of life throughout the Plainview area. Community leaders from the Plainview Area Endowment ensure that the funds are spent in the community to have the greatest impact, and to create a more vibrant, viable community.

The deadline for submitting grant requests for this fall is Sept. 15. Information and request forms are available at www.PlainviewAreaEndowment.org.

The Plainview Area Endowment is an affiliate of the Lubbock Area Foundation. The Lubbock Area Foundation was founded in 1981, and serves communities across the 15-county South Plains Region. It was established as a vital service for the region to provide opportunities to build community endowments which serves the community’s needs now and in the future.

For more information, call John Tye at 606-293-8244 or Sheryl Cates, president of the Lubbock Area Foundation at 512-589-1134.

{Source: MyPlainview.com}

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