Endowment in the business of helping others

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Endowment in the business of helping others

October 15, 2014 News 0

The Plainview Area Endowment is in the business of helping others, as board members John Tye and Mark Warren will explain at the next Plainview Hale Community Alliance Together (PHEAT) meeting, set for 6:15 p.m. Thursday at Grumpy’s Grill, 705 Broadway.

In addition to hearing about Plainview Area Endowment, the group plans to talk about concerns and solutions for the community. The public is invited. Coffee, tea and water will be available.

An affiliate of the Lubbock Area Foundation, the Plainview Area Endowment was created in 2010 “to give the people of Plainview and the surrounding area the opportunity to build a pool of permanent resources exclusively for the benefit of the community,” Warren told the Herald for a pair of feature stories in September.

The endowment is a permanent fund, the principal of which is preserved and invested for long-term growth and appreciation. Grants are made from the annual earnings of the endowment.

The leading reasons for individuals to contribute to the endowment are to improve the quality of life in the area; preserve the wealth of the community and keep it working; to provide a flexible infrastructure that makes it easy and affordable for donors to establish endowments; to build resources to respond to changing and emerging community needs; to assist people in achieving their charitable and estate planning goals; and to increase overall charitable resources in the community.

Among the projects supported by the endowment have been the construction of a new chapel at the Formby Prison Unit, the Plainview Community Concerts Association, Wayland’s Children’s Chorus (through Lubbock Area Endowment and Sybil B. Harrington Endowment), Wee Care Child Center for an outdoor learning center and the Plainview YMCA for recreational equipment to use in its football program.

The endowment also provides scholarships and mini-grants to teachers.

Grant applications for the current funding cycle for non-profit groups with current 501(c)3 designations are due today.

Additional information is available from the group’s website, www.plainviewareaendowment.org, or by contacting 806-762-8061.

(Source: MyPlainview.com)

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